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Workplace Standards Basics


The Department of Workplace Standards has the statutory authority and oversight to carry out the administrative duties of the Divisions of Wages and Hours; Apprenticeship and the Occupational Safety and Health Program.

The Department of Workplace Standards has the responsibility of enforcing the statutes established in Chapters 207, 336, 337, 338, 339 and 345 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

Division of Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training

The Division of Occupational Safety & Health Education & Training assists employers and employees by promoting voluntary compliance with the OSH standards.

Training Details

Division of Apprenticeship

The Division of Apprenticeship is responsible for the oversight and promotion of the state’s registered Apprenticeship and Training program.

Apprenticeship Details

Division of Wages and Hours

The Division of Wages and Hours is responsible for the enforcement of wage and hour laws, child labor laws, various discrimination laws, and the management and enforcement of prevailing wage rate determinations.

Labor-Management Relations and Mediation

Our mission is to expand the efforts of Labor-Management Relations and Mediation to include the Commonwealth's entire workforce by providing resources to meet their labor-management relations needs.


Determine the needs of our constituents and update and develop resources.

Determine the groups of unserved constituents and develop training and resources.

Enhance the annual Kentucky Labor-Management Conference with current and new labor-management topics that will entice more representation at the conference.

Promote our programs and services throughout the Commonwealth with guest speaking appearances. Advertise our services through various publications, the intranet, and the Internet.

Obtain and review feedback from training sessions and conference sessions for evaluation purposes.


Jodie L. Martin
Program Coordinator
Tel: (502)564-3203
Fax: (502)696-1897

Division of Occupational Safety and Health Compliance

The Occupational Safety and Health Program exercises jurisdiction for the enforcement, on-site consultation, standards promulgation, and training services related to workplace safety and health.

Labor Directory

In 1965, the first Directory of Kentucky Labor Organizations was published in an attempt to satisfy a very real need for communication between Kentucky's organized labor force, the citizens, and the government of our Commonwealth. In 1974, a renewed effort was made to extend that original purpose and establish a constantly updated source of information on the organized labor force of the Commonwealth. After a year of extensive research, the 1975 directory was published.

Since 1975 the Labor Cabinet has attempted to obtain all of the relevant information for every union and their locals operating in the Commonwealth and their district, or council, affiliations. The responses have been incorporated into the directory. We encourage and request unions, locals, districts, councils, and users of the directory to send all changes of officers, addresses, telephone numbers, locals, membership totals, and contracts so that our records will be useful and timely. This will ensure that any omission, inaccuracy, or incomplete information will be corrected as quickly as possible.

In 2002 the directory was made available on the internet and the last hard copy was published. This allows us to update the information more frequently and provide users with the most accurate information available. We need your help to ensure our information is accurate. Please let us know when there are changes to your organization so we can update your information in the directory. The forms below are provided to help keep the directory as up to date as possible. If you have a change, please complete the appropriate form below and email it to us so we can update your information.

National Office Form
International Representatives Form
Union Local Form

Open Records Request

In order to process a requested record, the following steps must be followed:

  1. All requests must be submitted in a letter format with a signature.
  2. When requesting information, please be as detailed as possible in your request. (i.e. Name of Company; Date of Inspection; Name of Party Injured (if an injury occurred); Inspection Number (if possible, but not necessary); Address of Company (or where the inspection occurred).
  3. All requests must be hand-delivered, sent via facsimile (502-564-5484) or by mail and addressed to April Edwards.
  4. Please include a return mailing address with your request and a phone number.

Please Note:

  • There is no form for OSHA or Wage and Hour record requests. A letter is all that is needed.
  • We only accept hand-delivery, facsimile or by mail. Email is not accepted.
  • If we have information and it is ready to be released, it is placed on a CD/DVD and mailed. A hard copy will be mailed if the information is only a few pages. It cannot be emailed.
  • You can pick it up in person. Just indicate that you wish to pick up the information in person and be certain that a phone number is on your request so that our office can contact you when it is ready.
  • There is a charge of $11.00 per CD/DVD. If you wish to receive a hard copy, it is ten cents per page and 25 cents per color page. Please indicate in your request that you would like a hard copy rather than a CD. The amount owed will be included in the letter sent with the information requested.
  • We will respond to requests within 3 business days from the date we receive the request. Some requests are larger than others and will require additional time. If it takes longer than three days to gather the information, a letter will be sent indicating a time period in which it will take to obtain and sanitize the reliable information.
  • You will not receive the entire file. There is certain information that is protected by statute and/or regulation. All information that is releasable will be sent, provided the inspection is closed and ready for release.