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Workplace Standards

OSH Standards Board


The Standards Board is a thirteen (13) member body chaired by the Secretary of Labor. The remaining twelve (12) members are appointed by the Governor to equally represent labor, the safety and health profession, management, and agriculture. Meeting at least once each year, the Standards Board is empowered to adopt, amend, or repeal OSH regulations. Notices of all meetings are advertised in newspapers throughout the state. All Board meetings are open to the public.

OSH Standards Board Members


Industry Representatives
  • Kenneth Ray Nichter
  • Angela Dyan Bednark
  • Keith L. Murt
Labor Representatives
  • Caitlin Diana Blair
  • John Joseph Stovall
  • John Leston Holbrook
Safety & Health Representatives
  • Traci Coleen Byrd
  • William D. Carey
  • Charles Stephen Sparrow
Agriculture Representatives
  • Robert Mac Stone
  • Hampton Harris Henton
  • James Leer Kay

Statutes and Regulations

Board Meeting Documents