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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

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Kentucky Department of Workers' Compensation (DWC) EDI Claims Release 3.0 Announcement KYDWC Claim Administrators and EDI Vendors - New Nature of Injury Code ‘38’ and Modified Cause of Injury Code ‘82’ 

Date: March 2, 2021 

To: KYDWC Claim Administrators and EDI Vendors The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Organizations (WCIO) has updated the Injury Description Tables that are used by the IAIABC to reflect specific coding for ANY adverse reaction to ANY vaccination. A new Nature of Injury code (Code 38 - Adverse reaction to a vaccination or inoculation) has been added to address ANY adverse reaction to ANY vaccination. New Nature of Injury code: Code 38 should be utilized for an "Adverse reaction to a vaccination or inoculation". The WCIO has expanded the definition of Cause of Injury code 82 (Code 82 - Absorption, Ingestion or Inhalation, NOC). The description now states, “Not otherwise classified in any other code. Applies only to non-impact cases in which the injury resulted from inhalation, absorption (skin contact), ingestion of harmful substances, or vaccinations.” The IAIABC recommends that EDI reporting and collection systems be modified to recognize this new code by March 8, 2021. The new Injury Description Tables may be found on the WCIO website, Injury Description Table page at: Questions? If you have any questions related to Kentucky’s EDI Claims Release 3.0, please contact the Kentucky EDI Support Team at Thank you, KYDWC EDI Support Team

The EDI POC Section receives documented proof of workers' compensation coverage from each carrier and self-insured group fund for employees covered by the workers' compensation act. Carriers and insurers submit required information using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) through one of the state-approved data collection agents. Electronic coverage data is stored in a master database maintained by the EDI POC Section.

FROIs and SROIs are electronically received daily from Third Party Administrators and Insurance Carriers submitted to the Department through Vendors\VANs. Each record goes through program edits prior to acceptance of the FROI and SROI records. This section assigns DWC claim numbers and creates an electronic claim in the SIMBA database.

EDI Glossary

These terms are used throughout this Web site, and abbreviated definitions are provided for the convenience of those who are new to the principles of EDI. This glossary is not intended to take the place of any information contained in the IAIABC EDI Implementation Guides.

  • Data Collection Agent (DCA)A service company which keypunches the information from paper forms and transmits it electronically on behalf of its clients. The fee for this service is agreed upon between the data collection agent and the client. Many third-party administrators are also able to provide this service.
  • EDI SupportThose individuals responsible for ensuring your EDI System performs properly. May be a part of your company's Data Processing staff or a contractor/vendor.
  • EDI SystemThe computer application used for generating EDI transmissions. May be a custom application designed by your company's Data Processing staff or commercial software supported by a contractor/vendor.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)Acronym for Electronic Data Interchange.
  • IAIABCAcronym for the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions.
  • KYWCAcronym for the Kentucky Department of Workers' Claims.
  • Trading PartnerEach entity transmitting electronic data via EDI.
  • Value-Added NetworkAn "electronic post office" which routes the electronic reports and acknowledgments from sender to receiver using electronic mailboxes.
  • VANAcronym for value-added network.