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Workers' Compensation

Department of Workers' Claims


Welcome to the Kentucky Department of Workers' Claims (DWC) website. With the support of Governor Andy Beshear, the DWC is committed to improving customer service and reducing costs to our customers in the Commonwealth. The Department of Workers' Claims is the agency primarily charged with the administration of the Kentucky program and has exclusive jurisdiction over workers' compensation claims.  Our website is designed to provide users with helpful information on the functions of the Commonwealth's workers' compensation program.



Robert Swisher, Commissioner  

COVID-19 Issues

Effective Date of Medical Treatment Guidelines
COVID-19 Test Codes and Fees
Videoconference Proceedings
COVID-19 Test Codes and Fees
DWC Extends Cancellation of In-Person Proceedings
Updated Announcement Regarding Videoconference Proceedings
Executive Order 2020-277
Electronic Signatures and Notarization
Videoconference Proceedings
Extension of Cancellation of In-Person Proceedings
New EDI Codes for Reporting COVID-19
Telehealth Services During State of Emergency
Update on Department of Workers' Claims Operations
Department of Workers' Claims Policy Regarding Court Reporters and Remote Depositions
Workers' Compensation Hearings Canceled

What's New/Recent Topics

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