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Workers' Compensation

Information and Research


The duties of the Division of Information and Research include collection, storage and retrieval of data and the dissemination of information. The Division of Information and Research is organized into two branches, the Records Branch and the Imaging Branch.

The Records Branch is a fundamental part of the Department of Workers' Claims (DWC) and is divided into four sections: Data Entry, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Proof of Coverage (POC) and Research. These sections combine to ensure reliability, accuracy, and integrity within the data that is submitted to the DWC.

As a result of Governor Beshear's reorganization, the Imaging Branch is now comprised of two sections; Scanning and Open Records. The duties of the Imaging Branch consist of imaging and verifying all hard copy documents as well as indexing them into the DWC’s integrated information and optical image system. The Imaging Branch also responds to requests for a claim and first report information as well as open records requests.

Data Entry Section

The Data Entry Section receives and processes 90 percent of the documents filed with the Department of Workers' Claims (DWC). The section is charged with the responsibility of interpreting and coding the documents filed by claimants, attorneys, employers and carriers as well as orders, opinions, and awards submitted by the Department's Administrative Law Judges. Data Entry is also responsible for updating the agency's database with appropriate coding to give details regarding the status of a claim. These codes are used by other DWC personnel to ensure quality assistance to claimants, attorneys, employers, and carriers.

Terri Robinson
Phone: 502-782-4402
Fax: 502-564-5732

Statutes and Regulations

803 KAR 25:012: Resolution of medical disputes

Open Records

The Department will process faxed and mailed requests in the *traditional fashion. Please note the updated price per page rates for all requests.

  • $0.15 per page/ computer copies plus $2.50 processing fee per request
  • $0.75 per page/ microfilm requests plus $5.00 processing fee per request
  • $5.00 per request for certification

*Postage will be charged for mailed and faxed requests. As well, we will accept the same forms of payment for traditionally filed requests, which are checks, money orders, and cash.

The Open Records Section responds to requests for a claim and first report information pursuant to KRS 61.872(2). Requests are received from a variety of outside parties including attorneys, insurance carriers, employers, the Social Security Administration and the general public.

Available to prospective employers through the Open Records Section, is a service of pre-employment screening. Effective November 1, 2012, the Department of Workers' Claims will require pre-payment for all pre-employment requests pursuant to KRS 61.874(1). Requests must be mailed with payment at the time of submission. Please include the person's name, full Social Security Number, your return mailing address and $2.00 per name requested. Requests will not be processed and will be returned if full payment is not included and/or the request is not legible.

Pursuant to KRS 150.170, the Open Records Section also verifies workers’ compensation awards for the Department of Fish and Wildlife for individuals applying for free hunting and fishing licenses.

Effective October 11, 2010, there will be a $35.00 fee on all returned checks.

Deana Mitchell, Administrative Specialist
Phone: 502-782-4455
Fax: 502-564-5732

Statutes and Regulations



Research Section

The Research Section within the Division of Information & Research conducts specialized injury and industry research by collecting, reviewing and comparing data that is relevant to workers' compensation issues in Kentucky. Complex Structured Query Language (SQL) queries are completed and reports are formatted to answer in-depth open records requests and to monitor agency, carrier and employer performance. This data is highly beneficial when it comes to exploring areas of legislative interest.

The Research Section maintains the DWC Web site, produces all the agency's publications and has the responsibility of processing WC letters that are driven by statute.

Routine statistics may be gathered through accessing the DWC Annual Report Fiscal Year 2014-2015 or by contacting the DWC, Research Section.

Scanning Section

The Scanning Section is responsible for scanning and verifying all hard-copy claims and first report documentation and indexing them into the agency's integrated imaging system.

Micrographics equipment is located within the branch offices and is available for use by agency staff as well as the general public.

Management staff is responsible for maintaining the agency's records retention and destruction in accordance with the Kentucky Department for Library and Archives retention schedule.

EDI Proof of Compensation

The EDI POC Section receives documented proof of workers' compensation coverage from each carrier and self-insured group fund for employees covered by the workers' compensation act. Carriers and insurers submit required information using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) through one of the state-approved data collection agents. Electronic coverage data is stored in a master database maintained by the EDI POC Section.

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Beth Baxter
Phone: 502-782-4465

EDI Glossary

These terms are used throughout this Web site, and abbreviated definitions are provided for the convenience of those who are new to the principles of EDI. This glossary is not intended to take the place of any information contained in the IAIABC EDI Implementation Guides.

Data Collection Agent (DCA)
A service company which keypunches the information from paper forms and transmits it electronically on behalf of its clients. The fee for this service is agreed upon between the data collection agent and the client. Many third-party administrators are also able to provide this service.
EDI Support
Those individuals responsible for ensuring your EDI System performs properly. May be a part of your company's Data Processing staff or a contractor/vendor.
EDI System
The computer application used for generating EDI transmissions. May be a custom application designed by your company's Data Processing staff or commercial software supported by a contractor/vendor.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Acronym for Electronic Data Interchange.
Acronym for the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions.
Acronym for the Kentucky Department of Workers' Claims.
Trading Partner
Each entity transmitting electronic data via EDI.
Value-Added Network
An "electronic post office" which routes the electronic reports and acknowledgments from sender to receiver using electronic mailboxes.
Acronym for the value-added network.