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Workers' Compensation

Constituent Services

In order to help the public better understand the Kentucky Workers' Compensation system, the legislature in 1994 created the Workers' Compensation Ombudsman program.

In 1996, the legislature created the Workers' Compensation Specialist program to further assist the public as a low-cost means to resolve disputes as to entitlement to benefits and expedite delivery of services to injured workers. Specialists perform many of the same duties as the previous ombudsmen. The agency is now known as the Division of Specialists and Medical Services.

The functions of the division include:

  • Serving as a neutral and reliable information source for employees, employers, medical providers and other program participants.
  • Responding to inquiries and complaints about the system and participants in the program.
  • Advising all parties of their rights and obligations under Kentucky Workers' Compensation Law.
  • Mediating disputes.
  • Assisting workers in obtaining medical reports and other documents necessary for a claim for benefits and assist in completing claim forms.
  • Facilitating evaluation of injured workers to ascertain the feasibility of vocational rehabilitation.
  • Performing other duties as required by the Commissioner.

All specialists are knowledgeable about Kentucky Workers' Compensation and applicable procedures. Specialists are located in two sites in Kentucky.


Frankfort – Main Office

Phone: 800-554-8601
Fax: 502-564-9533
Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Pamela Knight
Phone: 502-782-4449


Tara Aziz
Lek Daugherty
Vickie Estill
Veronica Mattingly
Christy Tandy

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