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Workers' Compensation

Administrative Law Judges

Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) are appointed by the Governor, with the consent of the Senate, to serve four-year terms. Each ALJ is an attorney and must have five years experience in the practice of Workers' Compensation law or a related field with extensive knowledge of Workers' Compensation law.


Administrative law judges conduct hearings, and otherwise supervise the presentation of evidence and render final decisions, orders or awards regarding workers’ compensation claims. ALJ's may, when receiving evidence, make rulings affecting the competency, relevancy, and materiality of the evidence and rule upon motions presented during the taking of evidence to expedite the preparation of the case. ALJ's review settlement agreements submitted by parties to a claim and have the authority to approve these agreements.

One of the administrative law judges shall be appointed as a chief administrative law judge, to provide supervision and educational opportunities, to assist the commissioner by doing the ALJ scheduling and to handle dockets for the other judges when absences occur due to emergencies and illnesses.

Administrative Law Judges