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Labor Cabinet

Open Records

Open Records Request for Department of Workers' Claims

The Department will process faxed, emailed, and mailed requests in the traditional fashion. Please note the updated price per page rates for all requests. Detailed open records requests, those which seek documents containing information exempt from disclosure, require a written release from the party whose information is sought. Please use Release of Records Form for all detailed open records requests. All returned documents will be sent through the United States Postal service.

  • $0.15 per page/ computer copies plus $2.50 processing fee per request
  • $0.75 per page/ microfilm requests plus $5.00 processing fee per request
  • $5.00 per request for certification

The Department will no longer accept nor process Pre-Employment Screening requests as it has in the past. The response to a Pre-Employment Screening request will only disclose whether a first report of injury has been filed with respect to the individual about whom the request is submitted. An Open Records Request is required to obtain additional information.

The Department of Workers' Claims requires pre-payment for all Pre-Employment requests pursuant to KRS 61.874(1). Requests must be mailed with the payment at the time of submission. Please include the pe​rson's name, full Social Security Number, your return mailing address and the $2.00 per social requested. Requests will not be processed and will be returned if full payment is not included and/or request is not legible.

Pursuant to KRS 150.170, the Open Records Section also verifies workers’ compensation awards for the Department of Fish and Wildlife for individuals applying for free hunting and fishing licenses.

There will be a $35.00 fee on all returned checks.


Phone: 502-564-5550

Open Records Request for Department of Workplace Standards

In order to process a requested record, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Although not required, a resident may request to inspect public records by using this form: 2021_Standardized_Open_Records_Request_Form_V3.pdf ( When requesting information, please be as detailed as possible in your request. (i.e. Name of Company; Date of Inspection; Name of Party Injured (if an injury occurred); Inspection Number (if possible, but not necessary); Address of Company (or where the inspection occurred).
  2. Requests may be sent via email ( or mailed to Open Records Officer – DWS at 500 Mero Street, 3rd Floor, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
  3. If request is made by mail, please include a return mailing address and phone number with the request.

Please Note:

  • Certain types of information may not be released due to statutory exemptions.
  • Responses to requests may be picked up in person, mailed, emailed (where file size permits) or sent by other electronic avenues. If you wish to pick up a response in person, please indicate that in the request and provide a phone number so that our office can contact you when the response is ready.
  • If you wish to receive a hard copy, it is ten cents per page and 25 cents per color page. Please indicate in your request that you would like a hard copy.
  • We will respond to requests within 5 business days from the date we receive the request. Some requests are larger than others and may require additional time to obtain and sanitize the responsive information. If more than five days are needed to prepare a response, you will receive communication from our office indicating the additional time needed to prepare a response.