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Labor Cabinet


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    Office of the Secretary

  • Dickerson, David
    Acting Secretary
    Tel: 502-564-3070

    Office of the Secretary
  • Department of Workers’ Claims

  • Swisher, Robert
    Tel: 502-564-5550

    Department of Workers’ Claims/Commissioner's Office
  • Department of Workplace Standards

  • Depp, Dwayne
    Tel: 502-564-0960

    Department of Workplace Standards/Commissioner's Office
  • Office of Administrative Law Judges

  • Gott, Douglas
    Chief Administrative Law Judge
    Tel: 502-564-5550

    Office of Administrative Law Judges
  • Office of General Counsel

  • Swansburg, Michael
    General Counsel
    Tel: 502-564-3281
    Fax: 502-564-5484

    Office of General Counsel
  • Office of Inspector General

  • Stewart, Rodney
    Inspector General
    Tel: 502-564-1985

    Office of Inspector General
  • Workers’ Compensation Funding Commission

  • Jones, Reuben
    Executive Director
    Tel: 502-573-3505
    Fax: 502-573-4923

    Workers’ Compensation Funding Commission