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Labor Cabinet


The Labor Cabinet is comprised of the Office of the Secretary, the Department of Workers’ Claims and the Department of Workplace Standards. In addition, the Workers’ Compensation Funding Commission, the Workers' Compensation Nominating Committee, the Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board, the Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance Authority, and the State Labor Relations Board are attached to the Cabinet for administrative purposes only.

"...the Office of the Secretary serves to coordinate and promote positive and progressive working relationships between labor and industry..."

The primary responsibility of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet is to ensure that divisions and offices falling under the auspices of the Cabinet work within the jurisdiction of Kentucky labor law to ensure equitable and fair treatment of the Commonwealth’s 1.9 million wage earning employees.

Specifically, the Cabinet, according to regulation, shall have the duties, responsibilities, power, and authority relating to labor, wage and hour issues, occupational safety and health of employees, child labor, workers’ compensation insurance, and all other matters under the jurisdiction of the Labor Cabinet. In addition, the Office of the Secretary serves to coordinate and promote positive and progressive working relationships between labor and industry, while simultaneously enforcing Kentucky’s labor laws.

Please contact the Cabinet should you need assistance or have questions. Visitors are always welcome. 

Secretary Jamie Link

Office of General Counsel

Michael Swansburg serves as the General Counsel of the Labor Cabinet, to which Governor Bevin first appointed him in December 2015.  The Office of General Counsel provides legal representation and advice to the Secretary of Labor and other cabinet personnel with regard to the administration and enforcement of Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapters 207 (Equal Opportunities), 336 (Labor Cabinet), 337 (Wage & Hour, Prevailing Wage), 338 (Occupational Safety & Health), 339 (Child Labor), 342 (Workers’ Compensation Special Fund & Kentucky Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis Fund), 345 (Collective Bargaining of Firefighters), and 67C.400-418 (Collective Bargaining for Police Officers).

Department of Workers' Claims

With the support of the Governor, the DWC is committed to improving customer service and reducing costs to our customers in the Commonwealth.

The Department of Workers' Claims is the agency primarily charged with the administration of the Kentucky program and has exclusive jurisdiction over workers' compensation claims. Our website is designed to provide users with helpful information on the functions of the Commonwealth's workers' compensation program.

We welcome analysis of the subject matter and would appreciate receipt of your comments and suggestions. Send us your comments by writing to:

Department of Workers' Claims
Attn: Information & Research
Mayo-Underwood Building, 500 Mero Street, 3rd Floor, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Fax: 502-564-5732


Department of Workplace Standards

The Department of Workplace Standards has the statutory authority and oversight to carry out the administrative duties of the Divisions of Employment Standards, Apprenticeship and Mediation, Workers’ Compensation Funds, Labor-Management Relations and Mediation and the Occupational Safety and Health Program.

This Department of Workplace Standards has the responsibility of enforcing the statutes established in Chapters 207, 336, 337, 338, 339, 342, and 345 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

The Division of Workers' Compensation Funds is responsible for the administration of the Special Fund and the Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis Fund. This responsibility includes payment of claims and maintenance of appropriate records.

The Division of Employment Standards, Apprenticeship and Mediation are responsible for the enforcement of wage and hour laws, child labor laws, various discrimination laws, and the management and enforcement of prevailing wage rate determinations. This division is also responsible for the oversight and promotion of the state’s registered Apprenticeship and Training program.

Labor-Management Relations and Mediation provide resources to the Commonwealth's entire workforce to meet their labor-management relations needs.

The Occupational Safety and Health Program exercises jurisdiction for the enforcement, on-site consultation, standards promulgation, and training services related to workplace safety and health.

Small Business Ombudsman

The Labor Cabinet Small Business Ombudsman is responsible for responding to inquiries from small businesses on administrative regulation and other​ regulatory matters and providing information regarding the procedure for submitting comments on administrative regulations as provided by KRS 13A.270(1). Please contact the ombudsman if you have questions about Labor Cabinet regulations or comments that you would like to submit about proposed regulations.

Contact the Small Business Ombudsman
Marjorie Arnold 502-564-0684
Mayo-Underwood Building
500 Mero Street, 3rd Floor
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Note: The Small Business Ombudsman is separate and serves a different function than the Office of Policy and Audit, which as the Ombudsman, generally, for the Labor Cabinet, is responsible for investigating complaints and/or allegations of civil and/or possibly criminal violations committed by Labor Cabinet employees and/or the public working with the Labor Cabinet. The OIG may be contacted at Mayo-Underwood Building, 500 Mero Street, 3rd Floor, Frankfort, KY, 40601 or by phone at 502-564-1985.

Office of Policy and Audit

The Office of Policy and Audit serves to increase accountability and oversight of the Labor Cabinet, to assist in improving agency operations, and to identify and deter fraud, waste, abuse and other improper conduct relating to Cabinet operations and programs.

The office is authorized to conduct investigations, audits, inspections and other reviews in accordance with professional standards that relate to the field of investigation and auditing in a government environment. The Office of Policy and Audit​ may issue written reports of factual findings, make recommendations for improving policies and procedures, and refer matters for civil, administrative, and criminal action where appropriate. The office also serves as the ombudsman for the Labor Cabinet.

As the ombudsman, the office acts as a problem-solving entity and handles complaints and general inquiries about the Labor Cabinet. Our office works with individuals to answer questions and resolve complaints about their interactions with the Labor Cabinet.

In some instances, this may involve referring individuals to the appropriate agency within the Labor Cabinet who can assist in the resolution of the individual’s question or issue. In other instances, the complaint or concern may give rise to an official investigation which results in a report of factual findings to the Secretary of the Labor Cabinet. It is the goal of the office to be a resource for individuals who have exhausted all other resources or need additional information and do not know where to turn.

The Office of Policy and Audit recognizes that the vast majority of state employees are committed to serving the Commonwealth with the highest degree of integrity. Our office is dedicated to the principle that no public servant, regardless of position, is above the law and/or can operate outside the bounds of Cabinet policies and procedures. The strength of our government is built on the character of the individuals who uphold the public trust and who have elected to serve that public.


Office of Policy and Audit:
Mayo-Underwood Building
500 Mero Street, 3rd Floor
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Phone: (502) 564-1985
Email: Office of Policy and Audit


The Kentucky Labor Cabinet is seeking to fill internship positions in the following agencies for the timeframe of August-December:

Kentucky Workers' Compensation Funding Commission
Office of Inspector General (register now closed)
Department of Workplace Standards

  1. Interested students should review the “Co-Op/Intern” description on the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet’s website, and if interested, complete an application.
  2. Applications will be accepted until 8pm on August 17, 2019.
  3. After completing the online application, please forward a cover letter expressing interest, a current resume, 2 writing samples and 2 letters of recommendation to
  4. Upon receiving the online application, the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet will email the student ​about required information needed from their university or college, including an Academic Credit Agreement and a transcript.

Questions regarding all Labor Cabinet internships may be directed to or by calling 502-782-0713