Security and Compliance
Workers' compensation insurance coverage and compliance issues are addressed within the Security and Compliance Division. The main focus of this division is to ensure that nonexempt employers maintain workers’ compensation coverage for their employees.

This division is comprised of two branches:
  • The Security Branch reviews the individual self-insured employers’ claim files, monitors their financial strength and determines the security requirements necessary to secure benefits for the self-insured employers’ workforce.
  • The Compliance Branch consists of two sections. They are the Administrative Processing Section and the Enforcement Section. The Administrative Processing Section is responsible for certifying coverage, maintaining records for certain project types, and registering employee leasing organizations. The Enforcement Section investigates the status of insurance coverage through on-site visits to Kentucky employers. This ensures that workers within the Commonwealth are protected in the event of a workplace injury.
Scott Gasser Division Director 502-782-4534
Dale Hamblin Assistant Director 502-782-4404
Mike Watts Branch Manager 502-782-4510
Vacant Position Branch Manager
20Administrative Processing
Amy Roe Section Supervisor 502-782-4485