Compliance Branch
The Compliance Branch plays an important role in the Department of Workers' Claims. The goal of the branch is to ensure that employers subject to the Workers' Compensation Act comply with statutory requirements. The branch also encourages timely compliance through educational initiatives. Compliance is confirmed by regular inspections of employers to verify compliance with the act. The branch consists of two sections: Administrative Processing and Enforcement.
Administrative Processing Section
The Administrative Processing Section consists of a section supervisor and support staff. The section certifies proof of coverage, processes applications for split coverage and "wrap-up" coverage for construction projects. Employee leasing organizations are registered and monitored. Coal mining coverage certifications are verified and cancellation notices are forwarded to the Office of Mine Safety and Licensing.

Civil citations approved by the commissioner are prepared by the section and issued to non-compliant employers. Collected penalties are entered into the legal tracking system and forwarded to the Kentucky Workers' Compensation Funding Commission. This section also processes and records Rejection Notices.
Amy Roe, Section Supervisor
Phone: 502-782-4485
Enforcement Section
The section consists of a section supervisor and a staff of 10 workers' compensation coverage and compliance investigators located in various field offices across the state. The section investigates Uninsured Employer Fund (UEF) claims, leads generated in-house, and complaints reported through various sources. When necessary, testimony and evidence are presented in official proceedings.
Vacant Position, Branch Manager