Medical Services and Cost Containment
Cost containment and the administration of medically related services are the primary activities of this section of the Department of Workers' Claims.

Major programs and projects in this division include the following:
  • Managed Care Plans
  • Utilization Review/Medical Bill Audit Plans
  • Fee Schedules
  • University Evaluations
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
Physician Disclosure
If a provider of medical services or treatment makes a referral for medical services or treatment to a provider or entity in which the medical provider making the referral has an investment interest, the referring provider shall disclose that investment interest to the employee, the Commissioner of the Department of Workers’ Claims, and the employer’s insurer or the party responsible for payment for the services within thirty (30) days from the date the referral was made. Pursuant to KRS 342.020(9), the following physicians have provided this notice to the Department of Workers’ Claims of an investment interest in a provider or entity to which the referring provider has made a referral.

Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers, PSC

Physician Services

Statutes and Regulations
KRS 342.020: Medical treatment at expense of employer -- Selection of physician and hospital -- Payment -- Managed health care system -- Artificial members and braces -- Waiver of privilege -- Disclosure of interest in referrals.
20Hospital Cost-to-Charge Ratio
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20Managed Care
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20Physicians Fee Schedule
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20Rehabilitation and Retraining
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20University Evaluations
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20Utilization Review
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