Information and Research FAQ
Data Entry
Q: Has my pleading been received and filed by the DWC?
A: When contacting the Data Entry Section, the following information is needed:
  • DWC Claim Number
  • Name of plaintiff
  • Type of pleading
  • Date the pleading was mailed to the DWC
Q: How is a physician assigned a medical index number?
A: An index number shall be assigned to a physician upon the filing of the physician's qualifications with the DWC. A medical index number is assigned and the Medical Index Listing on the DWC homepage is updated. A copy of the CV is scanned into our Imaging System using the assigned medical index number. Revisions or updates to the CV may be filed with DWC in the same manner.
Q: Can a physician make a request directly to DWC for a medical index number to be assigned?
A: Yes, however, when a physician provides their curriculum vitae to DWC, a cover letter requesting an index number or informing DWC of revisions to a current CV must accompany the request.
Q: Could you please provide me with the physician's medical index number?
A: This can be accessed by going to the following web address:
Q: Could you please send me a copy of a specific physician's Curriculum Vitae?
A: You may mail, fax or call in your request for this copy to:
Department of Workers' Claims
Attn: Ashley Estep, Open Records
657 Chamberlin Ave.
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 502-782-4429
Fax: 502-564-5732

Please provide the physician's name and your mailing address and the copy will be mailed to you.
EDI Claims
Q: How do I become a trading partner with the Kentucky Department of Workers' Claims?
A: Obtain the KYWC EDI documentation which contains state-specific information required for submitting electronic reports to the KYWC. Obtain the IAIABC Implementation Guide which contains the standardized information used by all jurisdictions that are receiving workers' compensation reports electronically. Be sure to request the proper guide based on the information provided in the KYWC EDI documentation. Establish a mailbox account with one of the value-added networks used by the KYWC. Complete the Trading Partner Agreement, Trading Partner Profile and Transmission Profile and return them to the KYWC by fax or mail. If we have any questions regarding these profiles, we will contact you using the information provided on the Trading Partner Profile. If your profiles have been completed accurately, you will receive written notification that your trading partner account has been established. Do not begin sending test transmissions until you receive this notification.
Q: What are "test" transmissions?
A: Test transmissions serve two purposes. Initially, they verify that all technical details regarding the transmission process itself are correct for all three systems involved: yours, the VAN's and the KYWC's. Ultimately, they are used by the KYWC to assess your ability to send acceptable electronic reports.
Q: What types of test reports should I send?
A: When testing First Reports of Injury (FROI) with the KYWC, send only original reports (MTC "00"). Upon obtaining production status, all additional first report Maintenance Type Codes (MTC) become reportable. Do not send test transmissions for Subsequent Reports of Injury (SROI) until production status has been obtained for First Reports of Injury. When testing subsequent reports, send only initial payment reports (MTC "IP"). Upon obtaining production status, all additional subsequent report MTCs become reportable.
Q: When will I be placed in production status by the KYWC?
A: The KYWC uses an abbreviated testing process in order to place each trading partner in production status as quickly as possible. Trading partners able to send three consecutive transactions containing at least 10 reports each with no more than 30 percent of the reports rejected per transaction will be given production status.
Q: I just sent an EDI transmission to the KYWC. When can I expect an electronic acknowledgment?
A: The KYWC downloads incoming EDI transmissions from the VANs each business morning. Functional acknowledgments are returned immediately. Detailed acknowledgments are normally returned by close of business on the same day. Occasionally, the volume of data to be processed causes the detailed acknowledgments to be returned the morning of the following business day.
Q: What's the difference between a Functional Acknowledgment and a Detailed Acknowledgement?
A: Functional acknowledgments are used to inform the sender that their EDI transmission was received. They are not supported by the IAIABC flat-file standards, and therefore are only returned to trading partners sending ANSI transactions. Detailed acknowledgments are returned to all trading partners after the electronic acknowledgement has been analyzed by the KYWC. These detailed acknowledgments inform the trading partner that their transactions have been accepted or rejected. If a transaction is rejected, the detailed acknowledgment includes codes which identify any errors found by the KYWC.
Q: Enough time has passed for me to have received an electronic acknowledgment, but my VAN mailbox is empty. What should I do now?
A: Contact your value-added network. The VANs keep logs which show when your transmission was uploaded to your mailbox, when the transmission was routed to the KYWC mailbox, when it was downloaded by the KYWC, etc. If this log shows that your transmission was downloaded by the KYWC, contact our office and we will continue this tracking process.
Q: I received a detailed acknowledgment which says that an original First Report of Injury was rejected, and includes the message, "NON-REPORTABLE: LOST TIME IS NOT MORE THAN A FULL WORK DAY" in the free-form text field. What does that mean?
A: If an original First Report of Injury is received with a Nature of Injury Code (DN0035) lower than "60," it indicates a traumatic injury is being reported. For a traumatic injury to be reportable to the KYWC, the employee must have missed more than one day. This determination is made by comparing the Date Last Day Worked (DN0065) to the Date of Return-to-Work (DN0068), if any. There must be more than a calendar day separating these two dates. If not, the transaction is rejected and the above message is inserted in the free-form text field for clarification.
Q: What does "accepted with errors" mean? (Application Acknowledgement Code TE)
A: This Acknowledgement Code is no longer used. It was used prior to January 16, 2009 and reflected that the record had been received by DWC and accepted with errors. At that time, the coding staff had determined that certain fields within that record required changes to conform to DWC data quality standards. Prior to January 16, 2009, records with errors in the Nature, Cause, Body Part or SIC Code fields were modified by DWC staff and accepted with errors. However, as of January 16, 2009, electronically transmitted records are no longer modified when errors are discovered in these key fields. If an error is found, the record will be rejected and an (00) Original transaction must be resubmitted.
Q: Prior to January 16, 2009, I received a detailed acknowledgment which says that an original First Report of Injury was accepted with errors, and includes the message, "DE0025 SB 3465, DE0035 SB 65, DE0036 SB 48, DE0037 SB 82" in the free-form text field. What does that mean?
A: An original First Report of Injury was accepted prior to January 16, 2009 with errors by the KYWC when the only errors found were limited to the following four elements: SIC code (DN0025), Nature of Injury code (DN0035), Part of Body Injured code (DN0036), and Cause of Injury code (DN0037). To assist you in improving your coding skills, a message was inserted in the free-form text field which indicated what the proper code should have been. The above message "DE0025 SB 3465, DE0035 SB 65, DE0036 SB 48, DE0037 SB 82 " is read as follows: "SIC code should be 3465, Nature of Injury code should be 65, Part of Body Injured code should be 48, and Cause of Injury code should be 82." By using this syntax, all four coding errors can be explained using the available space in the free-form text field when necessary. A (CO) correction transaction should be filed on "TE" acknowledgements.
Q: I have a question about my detailed acknowledgment that is unrelated to the free-form text field. Who should I call?
A: Your best resource should be those who designed your EDI system. If it is a custom application designed by your company's data processing staff, contact them. A commercial software application should be supported by the contractor/vendor. If you still have questions, e-mail
Q: How do I file a first report on a "no lost time" injury so that payment of partial benefits can be reported when the injured party is able to work?
A: DWC programs are written to calculate the number of lost work days by subtracting the "Date Last Day Worked" from the "Date Returned To Work". "Date Last Day Worked" is a mandatory field, but "Date Returned to Work" is not. File an original First Report of Injury, excluding the "Date Returned to Work". Providing the report meets all remaining edits, it will be accepted. Once the FROI is accepted, you may then file the necessary subsequent reports using the Jurisdiction Claim Number assigned to the Original. Once the Original has been filed, DWC will need for the trading partner to file a Change Report (02) showing the return-to-work date. (Filing "no lost time" claims is not necessary under normal circumstances. The scenario above is unique, and requires the filing of a "no lost time" claim to report partial payment. If you have a no lost time claim, and there are no mitigating circumstances that require further filings of other types of reports, then do not file them.)
Q: I filed an Original (MTC 00) first report where the injured worker missed more than one full day of work but returned to work before missing a total of seven days. An IP or FS is not required. Unless circumstances change, this injured worker will never miss a total of seven days. How do I report that the injured worker has returned to work, since the filing of a Suspension of Benefits is not applicable?
A: File a Change (02) record to the Original showing the return-to-work date as you know it to be.
Q: When a Bi-monthly Periodic Report is filed, how should the Payment Adjustment information be reported?
A: The Bi-monthly Periodic Report should report the total amount paid to date for each claim.
Q: Which MTC codes generate a Statute of Limitations letter?
A: Suspension of Benefits for Return to Work or Medically Deemed Capable of Returning to Work (S1). Denial First Reports (04), as of November 1, 1999, and Denial Subsequent Reports (04). There are two types of letters: timely filed and un-timely filed. A fatality letter to the deceased worker's family is also generated based on data contained in the Date of Death Field which indicates a fatality occurred. DWC staff manually validate each letter before it is mailed in an effort to ensure the claimant receiving the letter is not receiving the letter in error. It is very important when filing any Maintenance Type Code requiring payment data that you refrain from using the 010 code, unless the injured worker has died due to the work-related injury.
Q: What IAIABC Part of Body Codes are accepted?
A: The new expanded IAIABC Part of Body codes with 3 A/N characters in the field will be accepted. Kentucky's element table shows DN0083 as a conditional or optional filing.
Q: What is the correct way to submit the Self-Insurance indicator (DN0024)?
A: Effective November 30, 2005, if the Employer FEIN (DN0016) and the Insurer FEIN (DN0006) are the same, then the Self-Insurance Indicator (DN0024) should be "Y". If the Self-Insurance indicator (DN0024) is "N" the claim will be rejected. If the Employer FEIN (DN0016) is different than the Insurer FEIN (DN0006), then the Self-Insurance indicator (DN0024) should be "N". In this case if the Self-Insurance indicator (DN0024) is "Y", then the claim will be rejected.
Open Records
Q: How do I make an Open Records request for specific individuals?
A: Open Records Request Form
Forward a written request for the documents either by mail or fax to:
Department of Workers' Claims
Attn: Open Records
657 Chamberlin Ave.
Frankfort, KY 40601
Fax: (502) 564-5732
Q: What information is required in my request for these records?
A: You must provide the claimant's name, social security number and/or the DWC Claim number if available. Please specify the document(s) of interest and return mailing address. Please include both the street address and P.O. Box if at all possible. Larger files may not be shipped to a P.O. Box. We do not fax documents.
Q: How long will it take to process my request?
A: Cost estimates are typically mailed back to the requester in 2-3 business days. Records are mailed when payment is received.
Q: What is the cost?
A: $0.15/page for computer copies and $0.75/page for microfilm copies plus shipping/handling costs.
Q: How do I obtain an application for the free hunting and fishing license?
A: You must contact the Department of Fish and Wildlife for this application.
Phone: 1-800-858-1549.
Q: Could you please send me a copy of a specific physician's Curriculum Vitae?
A: You may mail, fax or call in your request to:
Department of Workers' Claims
Attn: Open Records
657 Chamberlin Ave.
Frankfort, KY 40601
Fax: (502) 564-5732
Q: Is there a fee for obtaining copies of a Curriculum Vitae?
A: Yes. The cost is $0.15 per page, plus postage and a $2.50 request fee. A cost estimate will be mailed to you upon receipt of your request. Documents will be mailed upon receipt of payment.
Q: How do I file an open records request on a specific company or insurer?
A: You may file an open records request by fax or mail to the following:
General Counsel/Open Records Request
Department of Workers' Claims
657 Chamberlin Ave.
Frankfort, KY 40601
Fax: 502-564-0681
Q: Where can I get a copy of the Workers' Compensation Guidebook?
A: The guidebook may be accessed through the DWC Web site under publications 2011 Workers' Compensation Guidebook or you may contact the Research Section and one will be mailed to your address.
Q: Was a WC letter generated and if so, when was it mailed out?
A: You may find out if/when a statute letter was mailed by contacting Kim McKenzie at 502-782-4484.