The Data Entry Section receives and processes 90 percent of the documents filed with the Department of Workers' Claims (DWC).  The section is charged with the responsibility of interpreting and coding the documents filed by claimants, attorneys, employers and carriers as well as orders, opinions and awards submitted by the Department's Administrative Law Judges.  Data Entry is also responsible for updating the agency's database with appropriate coding to give details regarding the status of a claim.  These codes are used by other DWC personnel to ensure quality assistance to claimants, attorneys, employers and carriers.
Motions to Re-open are monitored by 803 KAR 25:012 Section 1(6)
Frequently Asked Questions
Q.     Has my pleading been received and filed by the DWC?
A.     When contacting the Data Entry Section, the following information is needed:
  •       DWC Claim Number 
  •       Name of plaintiff
  •       Type of pleading
  •       Date the pleading was mailed to the DWC
Q.     How is a physician assigned a medical index number?
A.     An index number shall be assigned to a physician upon the filing of the physician's qualifications with the DWC.  A medical index number is assigned and the Medical Index Listing on the DWC homepage is updated.  A copy of the CV is scanned into our Imaging System using the assigned medical index number.  Revisions or updates to the CV may be filed with DWC in the same manner.
Q.  Can a physician make a request directly to DWC for a medical index number to be assigned?
A.     Yes, however, when a physician provides their curriculum vitae to DWC, a cover letter requesting an index number or informing DWC of revisions to a current CV must accompany the request.
Q.     Could you please provide me with the physician's medical index number?
A.     This can be accessed by going to the following web address:     
Q.     Could you please send me a copy of a specific physician's Curriculum Vitae?
A.     You may mail, fax or call in your request for this copy to:
        Attn:  Ashley Estep, Open Records
        657 Chamberlin Avenue
        Frankfort, KY  40601
        Phone:  502-782-4429
        Fax:  502-564-5732
Please provide the physician's name and your mailing address and the copy will be mailed to you.
Data Entry Section Supervisor:  Terri Robinson
Phone:  502-782-4402
Fax:  502-564-5732

Department of Workers' Claims
657 Chamberlin Avenue
Frankfort KY  40601
Phone: (502) 564-5550