Claims Processing and Appeals
The Division of Claims Processing and Appeals provides support to the Administrative Law Judges and Workers' Compensation Board. The key responsibilities of this Division include timely processing of all Settlement Agreements and Applications for Resolution of Injury (Form 101), Occupational Disease (Form 102 and 102 CWP) and Hearing Loss (Form 103). Division staff also processes all appeals, from decisions of the Administrative Law Judges, to the Workers' Compensation Board. All processing, in the Division, must adhere to strict timelines.

The Division of Claims Processing and Appeals is not only the beginning point for these claims, but also for the many transactions that must occur on the claim's path to resolution, as well as the resting place of the resolved claims. The Division consists of the Claims Branch, which includes four sections: Claims Review Section, Claims Assignment Section, Agreements Section and Appeals Section. Each of these Sections serves a crucial function in the life of a claim.

The DWC now has the ability to conduct regular Benefit Review Conference dockets by video at certain hearing sites. If you wish to connect through a different video system, please note: Outside entities wishing to video conference with the Department will need to have their video systems certified to be able to connect to the State's video conferencing systems. Contact information: COTVIDEOCONFERENCING@KY.GOV
Connie Morris, Assistant Director
Phone: 502-782-4407
Fax: 502-564-3792
Marian Johnson Division Director 502-782-4418
Connie Morris Assistant Director 502-782-4407
Toni Trisler 502-782-4420
Hollie Dean 502-782-4472
Melissa Anderson​ Section Supervisor 502-782-4467
Sarah Brian ​502-782-4444
Vicki Harmon 502-782-4507
20Claims Assignment
Rhonda Pack Section Supervisor 502-782-4500
Theresa Chandler 502-782-4591
Angela McKinney 502-782-4417
​Larae Sloan 502-782-4531
20Claims Processing
Tammy Hobson Administrative Specialist 502-782-4528
20Claims Review
Sandy Jump Lester 502-782-4508
Vicky Hall 502-782-4460
Melissa Green 502-782-4564