The Appeals Section is the other major area of concentration within this Division. The final awards, orders and decisions from the Administrative Law Judges that are challenged must pass through this Section to verify timeliness of filings, completeness of records, indexing, scheduling and ensuring compliance with the Administrative Regulations - all in preparation for the Workers' Compensation Board's review and judgment. Motions are tracked daily and a Docket prepared weekly. In the event the decision of the Workers' Compensation Board is contested, Section staff shall, upon request, ready and certify the files for review by the Court of Appeals and, in some cases, the Supreme Court.

The Appeals Section processed 331 appeals to the Workers' Compensation Board this fiscal year. There were 82 Appeals sent to the Court of Appeals with 75 records being requested and sent to Court. There were 28 appeals to the Supreme Court this Fiscal Year.

For further information or questions, please contact:
Melissa Anderson​, Section Supervisor
Phone: 502-782-4467
Fax: 502-564-3792
The Workers' Compensation Board consists of three Board Members including the Chairman whom are appointed for four year terms.

Board members are:
Michael W. Alvey, Chairman
Rebekkah Bravo Rechter
Franklin A. Stivers
Forms Used
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Checklist for Petitioner's Brief
PDF - Respondent's Brief
Checklist for Respondent's Brief
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