Click the following link to register with the DWC’s Litigation Management System:

Q: What is the Litigation Management System (LMS)?
A: The LMS is a Web-based application designed to move the workers’ compensation litigation system into the 21st century by allowing stakeholders to file and manage claims electronically rather than the traditional method of filing paper. Toward that end, the LMS provides users with Web-based forms, and further permits interested entities the ability to utilize group functions in an effort to promote work distribution. Additionally, the LMS will greatly improve the scope of the workers’ compensation system by notifying interested users, via email, when Proof of Coverage is reported as cancelled to the DWC. The goal of the LMS is to provide significant benefits for anyone (e.g., attorneys, insurance carriers, employers, medical providers, claimants, and others) who has a role in Kentucky’s workers’ compensation process.

The DWC encourages everyone who has an interest in litigating workers’ compensation claims to register with the LMS system. Very basic information is required to register; attorneys, for example, must provide their Kentucky Bar ID and court reporters must provide a tax ID number when registering. As the LMS is coming online, the DWC asks that interested parties, or their representatives, provide to the DWC a list of active cases. The active case list should be in Excel format and include the claim number as well as the style of the case so that the DWC may provide access numbers to those parties. Be advised that the DWC will not be able to provide interested parties with access numbers without this information. Once a party, or a representative, has received the list of access numbers and has registered, the party, or representative, associate to claims using the Claim Number and Access Code in the LMS. Users will thereafter be able to view all pleadings in their cases.

Q: Where can I send my list of active cases?
A: A party who wishes to send a list of active cases by regular mail should send this information to the following address:

ATTN: LMS Technical Team
Department of Workers' Claims
657 Chamberlin Avenue
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601​

A party who would like to send a list of active cases via email should send this information to:

This is a very exciting time for the DWC. Indeed, we at the DWC value your input. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to direct them by email to We look forward to this new endeavor, and will keep you updated on our progress.​

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