Division of Wages and Hours
The Division of Wages and Hours is responsible for the administration and enforcement of Kentucky’s minimum wage, overtime, wage payment, child labor, wage discrimination, and the equal opportunities provisions including the rights of the physically disabled. The division is charged with investigating allegations of statute and regulation violations and rendering findings in a timely and efficient manner.
Current Minimum Wage
$7.25 as of 7/1/2009
Required Posters
Click the links below to open the PDF files which you may print and use free of charge.

Also, there may be Federal posters your company is required to post. Please check the US DOL website here for those posters that may apply.

In addition to the Labor Cabinet posters, there are also two other mandatory posters for employers within the Commonwealth. The Kentucky Equal Employment Opportunity poster is provided courtesy of the KY Commission of Human Rights. The Unemployment Insurance Benefits poster is provided by the Office of Employment and Training.