Part of the start-up process requires the sponsor (employer) to create a systematic means of keeping accurate on-the-job training documentation as well as the classroom instructional verification records.  Your apprenticeship coordinator will assist in helping you set up a record system that will best meet your needs relative to trade and course of study.  This required documentation is essential in the verification process especially when your apprenticeship coordinator is conducting a compliance review.

Forms used by the apprenticeship coordinators are designed to implement, track, and confirm the specific stages of the apprenticeship program.  If you have any questions about proper documentation, please contact your apprenticeship coordinator or the Division of Employment Standards, Apprenticeship and Training.


Apprenticeship Agreement Form
This form is used to initiate the apprenticeship program by the sponsor.  This multipart form is filled out by the sponsor for each apprentice who is registered by the employer.  The apprenticeship coordinator will assist with this document and if needed, additional multipart forms can be obtained by calling the Division of Employment Standards, Apprenticeship and Mediation. 
The sponsor may print the Apprenticeship Agreement here.  If you wish to use this option, print and fill out the agreement completely, the mail it to the Labor Cabinet.  It is essential that all appropriate signatures are recorded on this form.  It is suggested that you make two (2) copies of the completed agreement in order to have a copy for your file and a copy for the employee.
Change of Standards Form
 This form is specifically designed for the sponsor's use.  If you wish to change the standards of your apprenticeship program, print, fill out the form completely, and submit it to the Labor Cabinet. 
Change of Status Form

This form is used when there is a change of apprentice status.  If a change does occur, print, fill out the form completely, and submit it to the Labor Cabinet in order to properly document the status of the apprentice. ​

Work Progress Report Form
This is a sample you may use to document the work progress of the apprentice. 
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