Process for requesting records-
All requests must be submitted in a letter format with a signature.

When requesting information, please be as detailed as possible in your request. (i.e. Name of Company; Date of Inspection; Name of Party Injured (if an injury occurred); Inspection Number (if possible, but not necessary); Address of Company (or where the inspection occurred).

All requests must be hand-delivered, sent via facsimile (502-564-5484) or by mail and addressed to April Edwards.

Please include a return mailing address on your request and a phone number.

Frequently asked questions-

Is there a specific form to use when submitting a request? No, there is no form for OSHA or Wage and Hour records. A letter is all that is needed.

Can requests be sent via email? No, we only accept hand-delivery, facsimile or by mail.

Can the information be emailed back to me? No, if we have information and it is ready to be released, it is placed on a CD/DVD and mailed. A hard copy will be mailed if the information is only a few pages.

Can I pick up the information in person? Yes, just indicate that you wish to pick up the information in person and be certain that a phone number is on your request so our office can contact you when it is ready.

Is there a charge for the information? Yes, the charge is $11.00 per CD/DVD. If you wish to receive a hard copy, it is ten cents per page and 25 cents per color page. Please indicate in your request that you would like a hard copy rather than a CD. The amount owed will be included in the letter sent with the information requested.

How long does will it take to receive a response? We will respond within 3 business days from the date we receive the request. Some requests are larger than others and will require additional time. If it takes longer than three days to gather the information, a letter will be sent indicating a time period in which it will take to obtain and sanitize the reliable information.

Will I receive the entire file? No, there is certain information that is protected by the statute or regulation. All information that is releasable will be sent, provided the inspection is closed and ready for release.