​     The Labor Cabinet is comprised of the Office of the Secretary, the Office of General Counsel, the Department of Workers’ Claims and the Department of Workplace Standards. In addition, the Labor-Management Advisory Council, the State Labor Relations Board, the Workers’ Compensation Funding Commission, the Prevailing Wage Review Board, the Apprenticeship and Training Council, the Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission and the Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance Authority are affixed to the Cabinet for administrative purposes only. The Office of Inspector General (OIG) and the Office of General Administration and Program Support (GAPS) are also affixed to the Cabinet for administrative purposes and as a support arm for the Labor Cabinet, the Energy and Environment Cabinet and the Public Protection Cabinet. The Secretary of the Labor Cabinet serves as the appointing authority for both the OIG and GAPS.

     The primary responsibility of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet is to ensure that divisions and offices falling under the auspices of the Cabinet work within the jurisdiction of Kentucky labor law to ensure equitable and fair treatment of the Commonwealth’s 1.9 million wage earning employees. Specifically, the Cabinet, according to regulation, shall have the duties, responsibilities, power, and authority relating to labor, wage and hour issues, occupational safety and health of employees, child labor, apprenticeship, workers’ compensation insurance, and all other matters under the jurisdiction of the Labor Cabinet. In addition, the Office of the Secretary serves to coordinate and promote positive and progressive working relationships between labor and industry, while simultaneously enforcing Kentucky’s labor laws.

     You are invited to browse the Labor Cabinet website and please feel free to contact the Cabinet should you need assistance or have questions. Visitors are always welcome.

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